Monday, 25 August 2008

Synesthesia Conference 2009

GRANADA, April 26-29th 2009
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SYNESTHESIA is the term used to describe a set of cognitive states related
to the union of the senses. Etymologically speaking, 'syn' = union,
'estesia' = senses; thus 'union of the senses'.

Synesthesias are genuine perceptions, not memorized visual associations
from childhood or metaphorical speech. They are produced by
hyper-connectivity among the cerebral areas. Neurologically speaking, if
the crossing is extensive, that is to say, if the interconnections are
related to cerebral parts that process or represent summaries of concepts,
this would explain links between creativity, metaphor and synesthesia, with
the consequent greater incident among poets and artists. The latest
investigations carried out in this field turn out to be extremely
interesting for knowledge of the human mind. It is an open window to our
brain which may allow us to resolve many cognitive relationships with
perception and thought.

For this reason, the University of Grenade, the International Foundation
Arte Cittá, and Politecnico di Milano (Italy),have collaborated jointly in
the organization of the 3st International Congress on Synesthesia, Science
and Art, for the purpose of showing and exploring the advancements made by
European experts and American investigators of great prestige, in each of
the numerous aspects of synesthesia. The interdisciplinary focus of the
Congress that we present enables all those interested to approach a
territory as exciting as the one that occupies us, being especially
directed towards neurologists, psychologists, artists, linguists, art
historians, musicians, educators and investigators of sensory disabilities,
students and synesthetes of all categories.

The Congress is interdisciplinary, it includes:
* Neurology and linguistic * Psycology and perception * Literature and linguistic *Artistic
* Graphic and design * Pharmacology * Education * Music * New Technologies

- before September 1, 2008: abstracts for presentation (20’)
- until January 1, 2009: for short presentations and posters
- February 2009 15, 2009: communication complete.

The meeting will be held at the 'Parque de las Ciencias' (Sciences Park) of
Granada (
Located in the heart of the city, it is a modern building fully equipped
with the latest facilities for conferences and exhibitions.


Jason Padgett said...

I have Synesthesia and would love to meet others with the same or similar condiotn.

Jason Padgett said...

I have Synesthesia and would love to meet people with the same or similar conditon. Please feel free to contact me. The below link goes to an art gallery which shows somw of my works.

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