Thursday, 12 February 2009

Amie Slavin -Rough Diamond Productions

I would like to introduce some artists who I have recenlty been in contact with who all share the interest and, or, experience of synesthesia through their senses and, or, work. I want to introduce them one at a time so that you get a chance to look at their work individually and don't feel too bombarded. So to begin with I'd like to Introduce Amie Slavin

Amie is a synaesthetic sound artist, she sees names, words, letters and numbers as colours. She also sees sounds, including her own work, as coloured. She explained to me regarding her sound piece Wave Play, which can be listened to on her site:
"WavePlay is a very visual piece for me, complete pictures for one thing, but also the shapes and colours of the waves - predictably dark and browny colours at the bottom, with yellowy gold and a little green at the top"
She also says that she experiences 'empathic synaesthetic', sometimes feeling other peoples' sensations. In addition to all this she has been totally blind for eleven years, so no longer see colours with her physical eyes.
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