Tuesday, 21 April 2009

a proposal of correspondence

An age old question reappears again. Can an objective correspondence be discovered between the audio and the visual. A new paper by
André Rangel Macedo of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa adresses the issue from a tewnty first century perspective.

"Visible and Audible Spectrums -
a proposal of correspondence"
by André Rangel Macedowas published in English today.

Download the article:


Abstract: Presentation of a proposal of correspondence
between Colour and Music. This proposal is
materially exemplified by means of a new hyperinstrument,
which gives its users the control over
a multi-sensorial algorithmic composition
generated in real-time. The employed
methodology and mathematical model are also
presented with some detail, insofar as they
pretend to be matter and reference for future
developments in the field of multi-sensorial

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