Sunday, 25 January 2015

TEKNESYN - Exhibition of Synaesthetic Art- May 16-18, Alcala la Real, Spain


TEKNESYN is a series of art exhibitions that will take place as part of the V international Congress on Synesthesia, Art and Science, which will take place in Alcala de Real, Jaen, Spain May 16, 17, 18 and 19, 2015

Synaesthetic artists work on synaesthesia
Curator Timothy B Layden

These artists, each within their own medium, have developed a language to communicate the subtle unique details of their personal synaesthetic experiences. Using traditional engraving techniques, video, mixed media installation, drawing, painting, illustration and design, they show us personal distinctive aspects of their experience. They not only succeed in creating art that is intriguing and often sublime, but also invite us to participate more fully in their experiences of synaesthesia through their art, allowing us a deeper understanding of their experiences, perhaps enriching our awareness of our own experiences and broadening our capacities to enter into discourse around the experiences of others.

                Maria Jose de Cordoba
                Tremedad Gnecco
                Michael Haverkamp
                Timothy B Layden  
                Nadja Plein
                Christine Söffing
                Arlene Rabonowitz
                Pepa Salas Vilar
                Raewyn Turner
                James Wannerton with Dominic Davies
                Students of Dormers Wells High School, London UK 

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