Sunday, 26 October 2008

OOXXOO Exhibtion

On the 23rd of October OOXXOO’s exhibition of synesthetic art opened at the Take Courage Gallery in East London. It was refreshing to see such a variety of artwork and ideas around the concept of synesthesia displayed together. Though it is a relatively small show in a very contained space, it show covers an expanse of ideas which involve the spectator, listener and participant, who is invited to contemplate the work through many senses, as well as play in the creative process. It was fascinating to listen to the conversations of so many people -breathed in an out of the gallery- sharing their different views on synesthesia, art and interdisciplinary creativity, everyone expanding the ideas of others. The exhibition is on through to the 30th of October. To find out more about the exhibition and OOXXOO’s other work go to:

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