Friday, 16 January 2009

contemporary art practice and synestheasia

I am currently writing a paper on contemporary art and synesthesia to be presented at the conference Synaesthesia 2009. Understanding that both artistic and synesthetic experience are very subjective, I would like to represent a wide range of practices and perspectives from different artists.
I would greatly appreciate it if synesthetes who do an artistic practice or artists who produce art inspired in, or linked to concepts of synaesthesia send me any images of their work that may be relevant, along with any commentary on their experiences of synaesthesia in relation to their work (product and process).
To find out more about the conference, taking place in Granada, Spain at the end of April 2009 go to:


Kristen Buckley said...

I can't believe I just stumbled on your blog and in the most roundabout kind of way... but I have synesthesia and am often telling people that I can hear color and taste sound... and they all think I'm nuts though I know I'm not and I take solace in the good company of others inflicted with our 'condition' (Nabokov, Kandinsky...) Anyway, just wanted to say hello. I'm off to find a copy of the launch issue of OOXXOO... If you are inclined come say hello I am co-editor of The Grange Hall... a new blog where every word tells a story.

Timothy B Layden said...

Hello Kristen I'm glad you've found us, I've had a quick look at your page, which looks very interesting. I'll have a further look soon. What is it you do?